Professional Pet Care In Spring Hill, Florida

Proudly offering a gentle alternative to boarding your pets in Hernando County.

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Let’s face it, no one likes sleeping alone, not even our pets! And with our overnight pet sitting service, they won’t have to! Our overnight pet sitting in your home service will provide comfort to both you and your pets while you’re away. We have also recently introduced our 24/7 Pet Stay Service. For more information on any of our wonderful services, contact us today at either 352-610-1485 or by clicking the large green button at the top of this page.


Do you work long hours and find it difficult to come home mid-day to give your dog a much needed potty break? If so, For Your Privileged Pets can help! Contact us today to learn more about our mid-day dog visits service. Call us at 352-610-1485 or click on the large green button above.


Why board your precious cat when you can allow them to stay in the comfort of their own home where they feel most comfortable? The fact is that cats do not like change at all and stress very easily, especially if placed in an unfamiliar environment with other cats or even worse dogs. Contact us today to find out about our wonderful cat sitting service. We are confident that you and your cat will be glad you did! Call us at 352-610-1485 or click the large green button above.


Why place your precious pets in a kennel or boarding facility? Let them stay in their own home, where they belong! We proudly offer our customers the most gentle alternative to boarding them! Even the most luxurious resorts will place your pet in a cage or condo. For Your Privileged Pets understands that you love your pets, like family. Treat them as such by allowing them to stay in their most comfortable surrounding-their own home! Contact us today to find out more about our services. Your Pets will thank you!

My cat is older and was recently diagnosed with diabetes and requires shots 2xday. Called my Vet to find a local service that was competent to care for my diabetic cat. They referred me to For Your Privileged Pets. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to find a cat sitter who was trained to give insulin shots to a cat. I have always used in home sitters for my cats.They were professional and did a great job with finding my skittish cat and giving the shots on time with the right dosage amount. I plan to use their service frequently in the future and highly recommend them to all cat owners with special needs cats. Bob, Spring Hill