Birds And Other Pet Types

For Your Privileged Pets provides pet care to many pet types. We have experience caring for Birds, such as: african greys, cockatoos, conures and macaws. We also have experience caring for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, ferrets and bearded dragons. We will care for any pet type, with the exception of snakes.

Our Bird & Other Pet types visit includes:

  • Feed and provide fresh water to your pet
  • Clean out their cage ( if applicable )
  • Administer medication or vitamins ( if applicable )
  • Provide plenty of TLC while you are away

We also provide the following house care services, free of charge:

  •  Bring in your mail, packages & paper
  •  Rotate lights
  •  Open and close blinds
  •  Turn tv/radio off and on
  •  Water indoor plants
  •  Take trash to the curb

Ready to get started? Great! Just click on the scheduling link here or in the menu above. Please be sure to include both an email and phone number so we can get back with you.


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