Jackson Galaxy Also Recommends “World’s Best Cat Litter”


I don’t claim to be an expert on many things in life but after 13 years in the pet sitting industry, caring for 100’s of cat households and also having cats my entire life, I can now officially claim the role of expert on cat litter.

I have experienced my share of stinky cat boxes and I have found that it is ALWAYS the type of litter being used.

Personally, I have tried them ALL on my cat. Over the years, every new cat litter product advertised, I would run out to the store and buy, hoping that this would finally be the product for me and my cat. I was ALWAYS disappointed of course, until last year, when I finally met with a new client who had two kittens and his house DID NOT smell! So, I can finally say that after many years, ( thanks to my client) I have finally found the perfect cat litter.. ………..

World’s Best Cat Litter™

What makes this litter stand out from the rest you ask? Well, let me tell you..

1) MADE OF CORN: It is the only cat litter that is made with naturally absorbent whole-kernel corn that offers outstanding odor control.

2) QUICK CLUMPING/EASY SCOOPING: Because it is corn based, it absorbs moisture on contact and quickly clumps which makes for convenient scooping. No more chiseling or scraping.

3) LONG-LASTING: World’s Best Cat Litter™ does not need to be special ordered. I buy mine at Publix. A One 7 # bag will last me 30 days and I believe my last bag cost me $7.50.

4) SAFE FOR PETS AND PEOPLE: World’s Best Cat Litter™ It is made from all-natural ingredients—with no added chemicals—it’s safe for cats. And unlike clay litters, there’s no silica dust for you or your cat to breathe.

5) PLANET FRIENDLY: World’s Best Cat Litter™It is eco-friendly cat litter, it isn’t made from mined, drilled, or artificially made ingredients. It’s milled from renewable whole-kernel corn and other plant materials grown on American farms.

World’s Best Cat Litter™ comes in three formulas. For more on the different types and to find out what type is best for you and your cats, visit them at: http://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com/natural-formulas/

UPDATE: This blog was originally wrote last year. I still use World’s Best for my cats and so do many of our customer’s. I have found that many declawed cats have issues with the harder litter, which leads to kitty box issues.. Jackson Galaxy of “My Cat From Hell” also endorses this wonderful product.

If you haven’t tried “World’s Best Cat Litter” for your cats, please give it a try.. You and your cats will love it!

Thanks for reading!