Keeping Your Pets Safe From Coyotes In Spring Hill, Florida!

UPDATE: 11/17/2014

We originally posted this blog back in June 2014. The purpose of this blog was to educate the public and get the word out about the serious problem in Hernando County with the overpopulation of coyotes. We receive over 50 clicks per day on our website just for this article so many of you are concerned.

We hope that our tips listed below have assisted many of you in keeping your pets safe from coyotes. I would state emphatically that the best way you can protect your pets from them is to keep your pets inside..



We were out walking a small dog this past week when a neighbor came out of their house and warned us that they had just seen a pack of coyotes crossing the street and to be extra careful. We immediately picked up the small dog we were walking and went back to the house, waited awhile and than went back out to complete our walk.

After this incident, It got me thinking what we can do as dog walkers and pet sitters here in Hernando County, to ensure the safety of the pets in our care. From what I read in my research, it is unlikely the coyote will try to attack a person, but will most definitely go after small dogs and cats.

Here are some tips that we will be implementing in our policies while caring for our customers pets, and our own:

1) NEVER walk dogs at dusk or dawn. These are the times of the day that coyotes are most active, looking for a food source.

2) When walking dogs, never use a retractable leash. Instead, use a leash that allows you to always be in control of your dogs movement.

3) When walking dogs, carry a stick or a horn. Both of these tools can be used to scare off the coyotes.

4) Never leave pet food outside your home and make sure your trash container has a lid that keeps trash tightly closed.

5) Please bring your cats inside!!! Cats should never be allowed to roam outside!!


Coyotes are more active during the Spring And Summer months. During the Summer months, coyotes rest only 1/3 of the time and the rest of the time they spend hunting for food.

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