I felt the need to write this blog because we have been getting quite a few inquiries from clients who are needing specialized cat care for their cat who is diabetic and needing insulin shots. I specify cats in this article however, all pets can get diabetes, it is just more prevalent in cats.

For Your Privileged Pets does administer insulin shots to diabetic cats ( or any other pet type ). We will visit your home and administer insulin to your pet in a timely manner. We understand how important the time issue is with when the shots are administered. Rest assured this is something we take very seriously and is given top priority on our schedule when caring for pets with diabetes.

In the event that you have a pet that has just been diagnosed with diabetes or one that has been diabetic for a while, we can assist you with their care. There is no need to place your pet in a boarding facility that will only add to their stress while you are out of town.

For more information on our diabetic care for your pet, please contact us today!