“An aggressive dog is one that has at one time bite or injured another dog or human and/or growls, shows teeth, lunges or snaps at a person or another dog”.

For the safety of our staff and to ensure we are in compliance with our insurance company, we cannot at any time care for a dog that has demonstrated such behavior. We are not dog trainers, but dog and pet sitters. If you have a dog that has demonstrated aggressive behavior, we suggest that you contact a local dog trainer.

As for providing care to your dog, we cannot, even if the behavior is corrected.

In the event that we provide service to a dog who suddenly shows signs of aggression, we will immediately notify you, the pet parent. Your pet will be placed with your Veterinarian to be boarded, at your expense, until you return from your trip.

If your dog bites one of our staff members while we are providing care to them, by law we must report the bite to animal services within 24 hours.

If you should have any questions regarding any of our policies, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,