We , at “For Your Privileged Pets” own and love our own cats, and have learned that their welfare depends on keeping a close eye on their activities.

If you have a cat you know how intelligent they are, and that they tend to be very creative and self-reliant in their own environment. This brings much joy and entertainment to their owners!

Many cat owners think that this means that a cat can be left alone for longer periods than a dog and be perfectly safe.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Cats, because of their curious and creative nature, makes them candidates for misfortune.  Their very nature can lead them into unusual situations and possible accidents.  We, at “For Your Privileged Pets”  always recommend that cats receive DAILY care , as opposed to every other day care, based on this fact. This is why we require at least one visit per day for our kitty clients.

How can you help your cat stay out of trouble while you are away?  We recommend that you provide your kitty with a vehicle for entertainment.  This does not have to be an expensive toy from the local pet store, but can be as cheap and convenient as a cardboard box.  If they have something to occupy their mind they will be happier while you are away.  We believe that anything that will reduce anxiety and stress of any kind, is a plus with cat care.  For Your Privileged Pets Cat Sitters will include in their care, time to brush your kitty and give them a positive experience.   This seems to very stress-relieving to your pet, and reduces much anxiety due to your absence.  Most important of all, the fact that they do not have to leave their home, to receive excellent care, will ensure that they will be PURRFECTLY content until you come home.

Please contact us today to learn more about our cat sitting service! We care for kitties all over Pinellas County and would be honored to care for yours.